LCSI offers lite-managed switch for Gigabit Ethernet Switch and Fast Ethernet Switch. They offer certain levels of Management, QOS, Security, etc. but are “lighter” in capabilities than the Managed switches. They therefore make them cost-effective alternatives to fully managed switches. As such, lite-managed switches fit best at the edge of a large network (with fully managed switches being used in the core), as the infrastructure for smaller deployments, or for low complexity networks in general.

bgs 7244w

Gigabit Ethernet Switch
BGS-4062W 8-port: 8*10/100/1000T w/ 2*Giga SFP(9 inch)  Datasheet
BGS-7160W 16-Port: 16* 10/100/1000T (Rackmount) Datasheet
BGS-7164W 16-Port: 16*10/100/1000T w/4*Giga SFP (Rackmount) Datasheet
BGS-7240W 24-Port: 24* 10/100/1000T (Rackmount) Datasheet
BGS-7244W 24-Port: 24*10/100/1000T w/4*Giga SFP (Rackmount) Datasheet
BGS-716C2SFPW 18-port: 16 Combo (10/100/1000T or Giga SFP) +2 Giga SFP (Rackmount) Datasheet
Fast Ethernet Switches
BES-7242W 26-port:24*10/100TX + 2 Combo Giga RJ/SFP  (Rackmount) Datasheet
BES-4062W 8-port: 6-port 10/100TX + 2-port 100FX Web-Managed Desktop Switch(9 Inch) Datasheet
BES-516W 16-port 10/100TX Web-managed Desktop Switch(11 Inch) Datasheet
BES-524W 24-port 10/100TX Web-managed Desktop Switch( 11 Inch) Datasheet

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